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Welcome to Gaia

Welcome to Gaia

Gaia, also known as Mother Nature, is always working to achieve and maintain natural harmony, wellness and balance.

We believe that in modern society it is increasingly difficult for people to live as nature intended. Mother Gaia is a healing Goddess and it is this ethos that provides the inspiration for Gaia Spa:

Quite simply, we want to help people be well.

The brand has been developed through friendships, connections, experiences, open hearts and consideration for others. All of these experiences have contributed to the creation of our unique rituals. It soon became clear these rituals would need their own distinct product, thus creating an exceptional experience only to be found in a Gaia Spa.

The Gaia Skincare range was born. 

To create something special it has taken time, consideration and love. Each ingredient was chosen for both its physical properties and its psychological impact. Every detail has been scrutinised, challenged, tested. Mother Nature heals, nurtures and supports all life. With this in mind, our products are blended to deliver natural wellness, uplifting, grounding or soothing:

Our blends are known as Awakening, Balancing and Calming.

A Gaia spa is a place for relaxation, whether with friends and loved ones, or having time to oneself. A beautiful place, Gaia spa provides time and space to enhance wellbeing - emotional, physical and mindful. The Gaia ethos flows through the spa creating a feeling of wellness, naturally:

When a client chooses a Gaia product, they take a little bit of Gaia home.

The Gaia Spa brand continues to grow and evolve.

Gaia Rituals

Enhancing an individual’s wellness is the purpose of a Gaia Ritual. Natural wellness is more that the absence of illness. That is why Gaia Spa rituals are holistic, meaning individuals are treated according to their mental, physical and spiritual requirements.

Gaia Rituals have taken elements from many historic traditions and cultures, combining them with the ethos of Gaia Spa, to create a unique and emotive wellness experience for each person.

Gaia Formulations

The Gaia range is at least 95% natural with some level of certified organic plant extracts many of which are fair-trade and sourced from small farms and producers. 

All the ingredients have been assessed to ensure that their provenance and purity are intact. 

Natural and organic skincare has the ability to perform as well as smell and look good. The benefits being that the skin condition will often improve and the therapeutic benefits of feeding and nurturing the skin far outweigh artificial and synthetic products. 

Our formulations have been created using traditional artisan methods of production that maintains practices to minimise any adverse effect of the environment without compromising on the consistency and quality of the range, Ingredients have been chosen for each blend to work together in harmony.

None of our products are tested on animals.

All of our products and treatments are suitable for both male and female.

All of our packaging has been carefully chosen to be recycled and where possible recyclable materials have been used.

Gaia Spa will be offering a service whereby Gaia product containers can be refilled.

Gaia Elixir

A bespoke potent blend of macerated & infused oils combined with the vibrational & healing benefits of citrine crystal. This crystal has been chosen for its emotional healing properties used in crystal therapy for treating the solar plexus chakra, often referred to as our second brain. This precious elixir is added to all Gaia Spa skincare products at the final stages of formulation. The intention being to aid emotional balance.

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