Staying motivated on holiday

Tips from Gaia's Fitness Team

It’s only natural to indulge and treat yourself while you’re taking some well needed time off, but as always there are ways to beat that sluggish feeling. Here's tips from Emily from the Gaia Fitness Team...

Focus on how you feel, and how your body is responding. There’s nothing wrong with lazing around in the sun while you’re away, but if you get your body moving a bit in between, or even just in the morning you’re guaranteed to feel less tired and lethargic.

Treat yourself to your favourite foods, but also make healthy choices and be sensible – you can enjoy yourself without overdoing it! Would you rather be sat on the beach feeling bloated and uncomfortable, or satisfied and content?

Be sure to stay hydrated especially if you’re visiting a hot country – the sun and alcohol will both massively dehydrate you which will have so many negative effects, don’t let that ruin your holiday – drink lots of water!

Walk! Probably the easiest, most simple form of cardio that’s often overlooked. Make the most of the weather – walk to dinner instead of calling a taxi, go and explore the new destination you’ve travelled to, make time in the morning or evening if you struggle with high temperatures during the day, just find any excuse to move a little.

"Make time in the morning or evening if you struggle with high temperatures during the day, just find any excuse to move a little."

Make time for a mini-work out... When I’m away and I know I’ll be lounging by the pool most of the day, I like to get a mini workout done first thing, getting myself up and going before breakfast. It doesn’t need to be an hour in the gym like you would at home – have a jog on the beach or complete a 15 minute HIIT workout or core circuit. HIIT (High intensity interval training) is such an amazing way to exercise while you’re away – short bursts of energy followed by short rests. If you’re putting in 100% effort you shouldn’t physically be able to go for more than about 20 minutes, so it’s done quickly and there are so many ways to go about it with no equipment needed, as well as being one of the most efficient ways to burn fat. Get a sweat on and get your heart rate right up before you start your day – trust me you’ll feel amazing after.

Bare in mind how you’ll feel when you return home, don’t undo all your hard work! Have you been putting in extra hours in the gym in preparation for your summer holiday? If yes, then well done! But this should be a long term commitment, focus on that feeling of achievement after reaching your goals, whatever they may be, hold on to it, why wouldn’t you want to feel this amazing for the rest of the year too? As always, this should be a long term solution, not a short term fix.

Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy yourself, make sure you allow yourself that time, just don’t over do it and you’ll thank yourself later.