September is the new January

September is the new January

September is fast becoming the month for new starts, new goals and a time to refocus on yourself and your wellbeing.
After the haze and delight of summer, spending days in the sunshine, getting outdoors, going away, relaxing and unwinding with friends and family, in September we tend to go back to the old routines and the stresses and strains of daily life.
So why now, why re-adjust and re-assess as autumn arrives?

Enjoy the outdoors, go outside, take in the beautiful autumn light and see the changing shades of the country.

Mother Nature goes through a seasonal change this time of year, bringing golden light and warming hues to our natural environment. However, as humans we don’t foresee this as a time to change and shine, as we step away from our summer glow, leaving it behind with our holiday memories.

Taking care of oneself and looking at your own personal wellness as the seasons change will bring light and balance. September is an ideal time to begin a wellness routine. During summer we spend more time outdoors, experiencing the joys and benefits of nature, we enjoy fresh seasonal food, salads and fruits and we make plans to enjoy the season.

We believe if you carry on this mindful way of living after summer, you’ll benefit from a continued feeling of self-care and you will nourish your mind, body and soul. Make plans, have things to look forward to with family and friends. Try new activities, take more time to do what you enjoy. Enjoy the outdoors, go outside, take in the beautiful autumn light and see the changing shades of the country. Country walks and coastal strolls are just as engaging, breath taking and beneficial at this time of year.

Explore seasonal foods, see what is fresh from the harvest and nourish yourself and your family with delicious produce when at its very best. Be mindful with your eating and take the time to eat well and focus on what your body needs and get the best nature has to offer. Make dining an occasion, gather friends and family together.

Reinvent yourself. Now is a time to get back to work with a new outlook and focus, and a new routine to ensure the best for yourself by making self-care a priority. By taking care of your mind, body and soul you will emerge as a healthy, happy and more successful you.

So take those summer feelings of joy and care and continue them through autumn, and see what a new season of wellness will bring.