Living a well life

Living a well life

Wellness is currently quite an overused word. People can be quite virtuous over it, a little smug if they practice yoga once a week or have given up a certain food type or been to the gym ‘X’ number of times. I must admit I am not a fitness person. The gym isn’t my favourite place but I do want to be well. I want to be well physically, mentally and socially. I want to be the best me that I can be..

To do this I look at 7 disciplines:

What am I?

  • doing today for my health?
  • doing today for my happiness?
  • doing today for my relationships?
  • doing today for my career?
  • doing for my finances?
  •  doing for my personal development?
  • doing for my impact on the world?

I always want to learn, to progress, to keep improving so I am curious. I take an interest. I read magazines, I look for inspiration. Earlier this year on holiday, I saw someone reading a book called The Miracle Morning. I asked the lady reading it if she would recommend it. She said yes and recommended another book, The Slight Edge. Both have given me the inspiration and direction to improve my wellness. I realised that I have actually been practising these books for years but now I am doing it consciously and being more effective. I get up an hour earlier each day and from reading very few books in the last few years I now read at least 10 pages a day of books which will help my personal development, I then reflect on what I have read by writing down thoughts and think of my day ahead asking myself the above questions and writing down the answer to each point. I write my affirmations. Having a goal and writing it down makes it much more realistic and reading it every day and visualising it happening makes me believe they will happen. I also spend 10 minutes in silence practising pranayama yoga breathing which gives me 10 minutes of calm and focus for the rest of the day.

Finally, I do some exercise. Currently this can be swimming, walking or yoga. I hope that by me sharing these thoughts it has gone some way to my impact on the world and that others will benefit and look deeper into themselves and unpack what lies beneath.