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Is wellness the new spa?

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Is wellness the new spa?

When setting out to build a destination spa there are lots of questions we’ve had to ask ourselves.

What is our identity? What are we going to be? A retreat, a day spa, a wellness resort, a destination spa: the list is endless. Bearing in mind you can’t be all things to all people, it is our responsibility to determine what the guest wants (which may, of course, not necessarily be what we want). Trends tend to go in five-year cycles, but I’ve never been one to follow trends. Yes, I like to know what is happening, staying conscious of current events and reading newsworthy articles, but tend to be guided by my gut instinct. I am not one to follow the crowd but believe in being true to my beliefs, being loyal and genuine.

I care about people, their feelings and wellbeing. I am interested in others and always keen to learn and develop myself by opening my heart to others. I want to give to people and add, even if just a little bit, to their lives. 

My personal legend has led me to believe that your spirit is key and that healthy mind leads to a healthy body. In my search for this I have tried many things – reading, yoga, spa breaks – and it is a continuing journey. My aim is for all those visiting a Gaia spa to leave feeling nurtured and cared for, better than when they arrived, and wanting to come back for more.

To achieve this we will have beautiful surroundings, with therapists able not only to perform effective relaxing treatments but also to communicate with their guests so that they can understand them and deliver an amazing treatment. The treatments will be personalised, results-driven, and do what they promise, because we know that this is what you, our guests, really want.

So what is Gaia Spa? It is a destination spa offering a place to be cared for, looked after and pampered. Where you can leave feeling better about yourself both in mind and body. After all, isn’t this the feeling a mother gives?