Tatler Spa Guide 2018

Gaia Spa featured in the Tatler Spa Guide

The Tatler Spa Guide showcases the pick of the world's very best spas, retreats and programmes.

Gaia Spa has featured in the 2018 Tatler Spa Guide. The guide showcases world's very best spas, retreats and programmes and included a write up by British comedian David Baddiel.

“Then there was Gaia Spa, which is up there with the best I’ve ever been to. It’s a beautifully designed modern building at the back of the hotel, with a large infinity pool and a hydrotherapy pool and a crystal salt steam room and a herbal sauna – but never mind all that. Gaia Spa massage tables have the best face cradles ever. Spa hounds like me will understand just what a find this is…”

- David Baddiel, Tatler Spa Guide (June, 2018)

Since opening less than two years ago in 2016, Gaia Spa has caught the attention of the best publications in beauty, wellbeing and spa with Tatler joining The Sunday Times, Country & Town House, and Red Magazine recent spa guides. 

“The Gaia Spa is named after the Mother earth goddess and set on the edge of Dartmoor, an important pagan site, so it’s fitting that the therapies are a little left field: raindrop-therapy massage, crystal healing and full-moon walks on the moor. If you’re not into ley lines, linger in the fabulous infinity pool, the centre piece of a vast glass and slate spa that is as cutting-edge as the Elizabethan manor’s bedrooms are traditional”.

- Sunday Times Travel Top 20 Spas (April, 2018).

"The space is a homage to Gaia - Mother Nature - and a grounding presence certainly permeates everything from the specially developed products made from a blend of macerated and infused oils to balance, awaken or calm, to the mood-boosting herbal infusions by your bed"

- Country & Town House (May, 2018). 

"I leave feeling extremely calm with a citrine crystal for clarity for when city life gets too hectic... Determined to prolong my zen, I still clutch my crystal when the city gets too much - and it helps. Call it the Boringdon effect"

- Megan Sutton, Red Magazine (February, 2018).

If you are yet to experience Gaia, we are proud to introduce our new day spa collections or find out more about our overnight breaks here.