Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine by Diane Nettleton.

As much as Gaia Spa is about nurturing, it is also about nourishing. Mother Earth looks after her world by feeding it the same as our mothers nourished us so that we could flourish and grow.

There are so many fads now about foods, diets that come in and out of fashion, we are constantly told what we can and can't eat…what's good for us, what's bad for us but Gaia believes we should go back to nature, eating naturally meaning less processed food and recognising where our food comes from. If it is unidentifiable is it doing us any good?

Over the years, I like most other people have toyed with fads, dipped in and out of diets but now I eat more to be healthy. I have always been interested in food and the physical and psychological benefit of it. I consulted a nutritionist when I was experiencing physical symptoms of stress. She told me all organs have an orifice which indicates where you may have a problem, a bit like reflexology. In my case, my adrenal glands which had been in fight and flight mode for over a year needed to be calmed and this was showing itself by me just wanting quiet time. My ears were telling me my adrenal glands were stressed. No tv, no music, no crowded rooms and the best food to help...ginger. I had a recurring eye infection which indicated my liver (my planner) was distressed. I was dehydrated, not through lack of water but essential fatty acids so I sipped linseed tea. 

It was interesting. I turned to a book I had bought some years earlier about how food affects your mood. The feel-good factor in our blood serotonin cannot be measured by a blood test but if you eat foods that contain it, your mood will lift. Chicken is a good example. Chicken soup has always been a remedy for illness or feeling down and this explains why. I love my "Food & Mood" book. I turn to it when I am feeling the need for the boost like I would turn to Gaia Calming Bath Oil and Gaia Sleep Balm for a good night’s sleep.

Our gut is are our second brain where we store our emotions…hence gut reactions. Gaia wants to support us, and the elixir found in all our skincare products has been developed with this in mind. Many remedies can be found naturally. People can take days to book a Dr’s appointment and many a time the answer is in yourself. Be aware of how you feel. Give yourself time. Nurture and nourish yourself. You will feel better.

Yours Naturally,

DN x