Anyone for a cuppa?

When we are through Covid-19 and all the facts and figures start being released I wonder if how many times we put the kettle on will feature? Diane Nettleton asks...

With so many more people working from home and spending time at home, unable to pop out for their usual takeaway drinks it will be interesting to see how many more cups of tea we consume. I think its more than tea, the drink though. It has always been a comforter, a nice cup of tea, the thing you turn too if you have had a shock or upset. And it is the ritual too, the routine we are all craving at the moment. When everything is so unfamiliar it is always good to turn to the things that are familiar.

Making tea can be an act of kindness for another. One thing that has come out of Covid-19 is that people are being kinder to others and although you can’t visit other people, you can make the people in your household a drink as a gesture of being thoughtful. If you live alone you need to be kind to yourself too.

On a trip to Thailand last year the team at the wellness resort I stayed in were continually providing tea. Not the traditional tea but herbal teas and the most popular ginger tea. I have always been a big advocate of ginger tea and in its simplest form. I buy root ginger then slice about 3 cm of the peeled ginger and just leave in boiling water until cool enough to drink. I was first recommended to it by a nutritionist who suggested each morning I drank ginger tea as a method of calming the adrenal glands.

 At the moment we all need to be calm and hydrated too. I find it easier to drinks ginger tea throughout the day rather than just water as you are still getting your fluid intake with a little flavour that also has other benefits. Ginger is also good for improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation and aiding respiratory problem. As the respiratory virus Covid-19 continues to spread, we need to do everything we can to look after ourselves and boost our wellbeing.