Gaia Spa Facilities

Swimming Experiences

The calming indoor swimming pool heated to 30°C, offers guests a peaceful and relaxing swimming experience whilst the hydrotherapy pool with hydro jets on timers features an outdoor swim through with countryside views. Our spa is exclusively for the use of adults only.

Experience Showers

Showers varying in intensity, temperature and sensory effects to start your journey before the other heat experiences Gaia has to offer.

Treatment rooms

Offering 12 dedicated treatment rooms (including two double rooms), designed and purpose built to the highest specifications, they create a sublime space to enjoy a truly effective treatment or ritual.

Deep Relaxation Room

Exclusively for people having treatments this calming space overlooks the wild flower meadow. A heavenly place to reconnect with ones natural self through meditation or simply by resting and relaxing. We also have a private relaxation room, an inner sanctum of peace and serenity that can be booked for your own exclusive use.


Fully air conditioned using the latest equipment, Gaia Spa users will benefit from a wide selection of cardio vascular and resistance equipment, plus the option of highly personalised workout schedules using free weights and pulleys. The Gym also features two Peloton Bikes which are free to use for our member's. Gym users have separate changing areas to other spa users, with ample locker space. Our membership will be limited to ensure that gym users enjoy their workout without feeling rushed in an overcrowded gym. Gaia Spa is about contributing to an individual’s total wellness. Personal trainers are available to assist the discerning individual accomplish their goals.

Heat Experiences

Gaia is elemental and our heat experiences bring together the elements of earth, fire, water and air, designed by relaxation experts to provide the beneficiary with a variety of options to enjoy.

Facilities include
Finnish sauna
Crystal Salt steam room
Shower experience
Laconium herbal sauna
Traditional steam room

Crystal Salt Steam Room

The steam room differs from the sauna with a softer heat of 48°C - 50° C and virtually 100% humidity. Infused with salt and essential oils, inhaling the salty air (known as halotherapy) has health benefits particularly for the respiratory system and skin. The room features a quartz centre piece which helps increase energy (chi) whilst bringing more balance and harmony to your life.

Aromatherapy Steam Room

The benefits of steam rooms or showers have been known for thousands of years. The 40° - 45° C heat opens the pores to aid detoxification. The heat and humidity may bring health benefits ranging from aiding stress relief, to body cleansing, to soothing aching muscles or arthritis with the added benefit of essential oils to influence your mood. 


The Romans invented the Laconium as a room to start the spa journey and is heated at 30°C - 35°C (this will not necessarily induce perspiration), raising the body temperature this tricks your body into thinking you are starting to get a fever, this in turn helps improve your immune system. The room temperature is achieved by heating the walls and benches allowing you to get great deep warmth penetration through your body when you relax on the benches with your feet on the foot stools. The experience is further enhanced with the injection of relaxing aromas along with the latest light colour changing system.

Patio Hot Tubs

Sit back and relax while in the serene setting of our outside patio. 

Hot tubs are available to hire;

30 minutes - £25 

30 minutes including a bottle of champagne - £75

Herbal Sauna

Heated between 65°C - 70°C, blended with natural herbal and plant oils such as Eucalyptus and Lemongrass which can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin giving medical benefits as well as making you feel revived. 

Finnish Sauna

Enjoy the soothing experience of the traditional Finnish sauna at a room temperature of 80° - 95°C. The Finnish sauna has a  number of healthy effects on the body, it helps raise defenses against infection, has a strengthening effect on the immune system, it also has a positive effect on those who are suffering from varicose veins and subsequent cold showers activate the circulation. The sauna heat causes an enhanced blood circulation which may alleviate skin diseases. Relaxation of the muscles assists the recovery of problems related to the muscles and ligaments. The heat also has a positive and soothing effect on the respiratory tracts.

Tepidarium Style Loungers

There are two heated beds poolside which are curved ceramic loungers to relax on whilst a gentle heat permeates up through your body.

Day Spa

We have created a special place that will give our guests the time and the space they need to enhance their natural wellness.

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Spa Breaks

Staying guests have access to a range of treatments focusing on health and wellbeing, incorporating the spa’s own-brand natural products and some of the UK’s top names in spa and wellness.

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